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Our Policies

Mt. Pleasant Methodist 

Preschool Handbook

  • What are drop-off & pick-up times?
    Students should arrive in their classroom as close to 8:50 am as possible. The preschool is open from 8:50 am to 12:50 pm for all the classes. The teachers are preparing and setting up their classrooms for the school day from 8:30 - 8:50 am and will not be able to give the child the attention that he or she deserves before 8:50 am. Following a regular schedule is very important for preschoolers. We stress attendance because it gives the child a feeling of security.
  • What are your arrival and departure policies?
    Each morning, parents will line up in the drop-off area outside the Preschool entrance. Children should arrive as close to 8:50 am as possible to enable teachers to complete their schedule of activities. Children should be picked up promptly at 12:50 pm. Each afternoon, parents will line up in the pick-up area outside the Preschool entrance. Children should be picked up promptly at 12:50.
  • Is Mt. Pleasant Preschool focused on a secure facility?
    Yes! Our preschool is kept secure at all hours, especially during operational hours when children are present. Mt. Pleasant is also focused on security inside the facility. Mt. Pleasant is a “Safe Sanctuary” Church. We have long been an advocate of children and recognizes their uniqueness as individuals and as children of God. We are committed to providing a nurturing, safe environment free from emotional, physical and sexual abuse through what has been called a “safe sanctuary policy.” All staff working with children are carefully screened. This includes our preschool teachers, assistants, Sunday School teachers, and anyone working with the youth of the church. Criminal background checks are required. Teachers receive annual training in Infant/Child CPR and First Aid.
  • What are your incelment weather policies?
    Parents will be notified as soon as possible about any weather-related delays or cancellations. The preschool follows the Catawba County School’s (CCS) decision on closing school or delay policies for inclement weather. Please also watch for, or listen to, the news reports in addition to our notification. If CCS are closed and CCS staff are on a delay - we will have preschool. We will follow the directions for the time of delay CCS staff can report to work If CCS is closed to students and staff - we are closed. If CCS is on a one-hour delay - we open at 9:30 am & close at 1:30 pm. If CCS is on a two-hour delay - we open at 10:30 am & close at 1:30 pm. If CCS is on a three-hour delay - we open at 11:30 am & close at 2:30 pm. Upon discretion of the director, we reserve the right to have two grace days that will not be make up.
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