Chapel Time

Pastor Mark provides a brief devotion to the children each month. We gather in the Sanctuary to learn about Jesus and important lessons from the Bible.  The program is provided to all children that attend Mt. Pleasant UMC Preschool.

Kids Love Music

Kids Love Music is an optional music program taught by Miss Rose and available for all classes once per month.  If you choose to have your child participate, the cost is $7.00 per 30 minute class.


This is an early childhood physical education, nutrition and wellness program that Miss Hilary teaches each month.  The kids learn to exercise while being encouraged to make healthy food choices.  This program is provided to all children that attend Mt Pleasant UMC Preschool.


Each will focus on learning according to their developmental stage. Our lessons help prepare them for school, while allowing them to play and enjoy their learning experience.

Arts • Crafts

Our students get hands-on experience with a variety of arts and crafts. These activities help them develop hand coordination and discover the world around them.

Outside Play

We focus on movement, free-play, and experiencing nature in a hands-on environment. Our playground, garden, sports field, and nature trail provide safe, engaging outside fun!